Who We Are

TAB Systems Inc. as a project consultant as well as developer and producer of custom solutions is a high end technology company founded in the early 1990s. At that time we have entered a highly competitive market and have been delivering the latest technology innovations ever since. Despite all of our up’s and down’s we have always relied on our clever engineering and for that we have been rewarded.

smarti Awards

Passion Behind smarti®

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smarti® is a TAB systems Inc. registered brand under which all of our products and solutions are presented as well as produced. It was developed by a group of engineers who were developing the most advanced products and solutions that were truly ahead of their time. At first smarti® products were focused mainly on comfort and access control delivering secure, yet easy to use capabilities. In cooperation with their customers, they have continued to improve the solution built around the award winning multimodal biometrics and have persistently pursued the goal of building the best and affordable biometric access control product on the market. Our team has grown since those early days, and so have our capabilities. smarti® now includes one of the most advanced intelligent parking systems, custom automation solutions, intelligent LED lighting solutions and advanced wood scanning solutions on the market. We are continuously trying to keep smarti® ahead of the curve and true to our original engineering principles.

Presence Around the Globe

smarti® has presence in over 30 countries around the globe, with the clear goal of delivering the solutions resembling quality and innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple to deliver advanced systems capable of offering innovation and efficiency. We are continuously trying to engineer new and improved solutions based on the latest cutting-edge technologies. With smarti® around we will not compromise, we are committed to what we do and that is why we always go all in to deliver only the best.