About Our System

Our customized HVAC solution provides control over heating/cooling, ventilation, air condition, water temperature etc. We can provide a personalized solution to fit all types of different building sites. Every project is designed strictly according with our costumer’s wishes and requirements. smarti®’s hardware solution also comes standard with unique user friendly software for control and intelligent operation.


Air Conditioning

Water Temperature


Customized HVAC Software Interface

smarti® HVAC solution is supported by state of the art customized smarti® software that can be hosted locally or in the cloud. Through our software platform you can control all the connected systems as well as set schedules, receive valuable data and create groups. Our system is based on optimal environment conditions and low energy consumption. With that in mind your premises will always feature desired climate while at the same time use as little energy as possible. We will make sure to deliver completely optimized solution engineered to offer advanced user friendly features and intuitive interface.

smarti HVAC Software

PLC Controllers and Thermostats

At the hardware specter of our personalized HVAC solution we are incorporating advanced smarti® PLC controllers and smarti® intelligent thermostats. For every individual project we determine the number and the placement of our products to achieve the best controlling capabilities combined with lower energy consumption. Our innovative engineering will certainly make your climate optimal and a feature not to worry about any more.

smarti PLC Controller
smarti Thermostat