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Quality Sorting or Component Based Sorting

Product sorting in production processes is relevant weather application requires sorting different types of products or same type of products based on their quality. The process can occur in various stages of production, depending on the industry and the specific type of manufacturing. Our machine vision solutions combine advanced AI technology with next generation hardware components to satisfy industrial sorting requirements on different fields. By implementing a cutting-edge sorting solution, products with errors can be rejected from the manufacturing process or sorted based on different types. Our technology can accurately support industrial production with utmost reliability and consistency by directly controlling any type of mechanization or robotics.


Fast and Reliable Fulfilment Through Tracking

Tracking products in industrial or logistical processes enables control over production and correctly executed order fulfilment. With machine vision, TAB SYSTEMS can provide tracking solution of different types of products or components through the entire manufacturing or order fulfilment processes. Tracking of products can be achieved via bar or QR code scanning, color mark tracking or OCR recognition. AI based component/product tracking can also be implemented, allowing product overview and tracking without the need for any marking or writing. System can be trained to recognize different products based on their physical features, shape, dimensions etc. Identification, detection and classification of different components or packaged goods further allows to completely automate industrial lines and associated machinery.