UPS Systems for Safe and Secure Emergency Power Supply

The term UPS is an abbreviation for uninterruptible power supply. We are providing customized integrated system UPS solutions which can be used indoor or outdoor. To guard against peaks and drops in voltage, our UPS systems are an indispensable security system with a multitude of specialist applications that meet the sophisticated technological demands of our costumers’ requirements. They are utilized in any situation where a constant, regular and secure power supply is required.


Customized Technical Specifications

We can provide single or three phase UPS systems with different input and output voltages, such as 220V, 380V etc. Our UPS capacity can be manufactured in various power options like 160kva, 200kva, 250kva etc. Every system that is integrated is providing very easy maintenance and operation.

UPS Variants

Batteries and Cabinets

For every UPS solution the backup time is essential, therefore we can provide a variety of battery options based on our costumers’ needs. For easier battery application and maintenance, we have specialized and robust battery cabinets.

UPS Batteries
UPS Battery Cabinet

Areas of Application

Our UPS solutions can be integrated in many different environments, such as:

Medical Environment



Exhibition Halls


Railway Infrastructure